5 Steps to Digestive Health

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Healthy digestion plays a key part in our wellbeing – the levels of energy we experience, the strength of our immune systems, the sharpness of our mental function and the balance of our emotional state.

It seems that many people who visit our clinic have digestive challenges – bloating, gas, abdominal discomfort and so on. The reason for this may be that conventional medicine doesn’t really have an answer for many of the wide range of symptoms are often branded “IBS”, so people come looking for another solution from complementary medicine. Or it may be that this is a fair representation of the population – and that long-term digestive troubles are a symptom of the modern lifestyle.

Either way, is definitely worth persevering because healthy digestive system is vital for physical and mental wellbeing, and chronic inflammation can spell trouble.

There are lots of worthwhile general measures that anyone can take to improve digestive (and so general) health. This article will outline 5 key steps. If feel like your digestive system could use a little help, why not try this for 6 weeks and see how you go!

1. Fresh Vegetables

You’ve heard it a hundred times before: eat your vegetables! Aim to find a local source or grow some of your own. Go for Organic, as avoiding pesticides is worthwhile. If you’d like to prioritise your Organic produce to save some money, you can find a list of crops with the highest and lowest pesticide loads HERE.

Veggies that are particularly rich in vitamins and minerals that support a healthy digestive system include beetroots (and their green tops), sweet potatoes, courgette, and avocados.

While in general it’s a good idea to increase the proportion of raw food you eat, for a very stressed digestive system it can be a good idea to begin with a period of very low-stress foods, like simple vegetable soups. Raw foods can be gradually introduced after some healing has taken place.

2. Omega 3- and 6- Fatty Acids

Too much fats and oils that are high in omega-6 fatty acids can contribute to inflammation throughout the body. So you’ll want to limit or avoid oils from corn, sunflower, sesame and peanuts.

On the other hand, Omega-3 fatty acids are great for inflammatory bowel conditions. Look for a good quality and sustainable Krill Oil (see point 5), or eat line-caught oily fish such as wild salmon, mackerel, herring and so on.

As with the raw foods though, be aware that meats may not be manageable in the middle of a flare-up.

3. Minimise Sugars and Refined Carbs

Giving them up can feel as though it’s easier said than done. These foods have an addictive quality and are a part of our daily habits – for many, a meal is not complete without a side of wheat in one form or another. But it’s worth getting through this and finding alternatives.

Sugar and refined carbohydrates can cause harmful changes in the balance of bacteria in the digestive tract – these are the foods of choice for the inhabitants we need to keep at bay (see point 5). Consumption of these foods also causes fluctuations in blood insulin levels, which contribute to inflammation throughout the body (inducing the digestive tract).

Cooking all your own food will help you avoid all kinds of additives, preservatives, sweeteners and so on. It will also be fresher and more nutritious. This also goes for snacks – it’s easy to get caught out and give in to a sugary or packaged treat, so it’s worth preparing your own snacks in batches.

It’s also worth avoiding alcohol and coffee.

4. Learn to De-Stress

The digestive system has its own nervous system, called the enteric nervous system, which is closely connected with the central nervous system – in fact, they share the same origin. It’s difficult to over-emphasise the effect that stress can have on the digestive system. This may be the most challenging thing of all for many people, but it is essential to good health to find ways of dealing with stress. You can find an article we have prepared on the subject HERE.

5. Favourite Supplements

NutriVital Acidophilus Complex (click here) – this is “good bacteria”. They support digestive health and immune function and help fight the damaging organisms that like to live in our guts. Each vegetable capsule has 8 billion live organisms and nothing added.

NutriVital Enzyme Complex (click here) – a blend of digestive enzymes to be taken with meals in order to assist in the proper digestion of food. When we eat, our food sits in our stomach for about 45 minutes before making its way through the duodenum. Because the enzymes naturally found in foods are killed in heating and processing – and we cook most of our foods – we do not break down our foods sufficiently. Supplementing digestive enzymes greatly reduces the burden on the pancreas and the entire digestive process by assisting in breaking down foods into smaller and smaller components that become much easier to assimilate. So imagine the benefit of adding a balanced broad spectrum digestive enzyme supplement to this process.

NutriVital Krill Oil (click here) A powerful source of highly bio-available Omega-3 fatty acids. Krill are at the bottom of the food chain and live in the pristine waters of the Southern Ocean so this product is extremely clean and pure. An added bonus is the natural Astaxanthin content – a powerful antioxidant. Available in a one month supply (click here) or three month supply (click here)

NutriVital Yucca (click here) – a rich liquid extracted from the roots of the Yucca plant. While Yucca has been clinically shown to be anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, it also helps enhance the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut. It is very rich in steroid saponins, permitting better absorption of nutrients; and it is high in vitamins A, B, and C as well as potassium, calcium, phosphorous, iron, manganese and copper – a very soothing and healing combination for the intestinal tract.

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The Bonus Tip

You may want to try some home-made digestive soothers:

  • Chop some mint leaves and add to a cup of boiling water – drink after meals, it will help digestion and relieve inflammation. It’s also a really nice tea!
  • Sliver some root ginger into boiling water (add a little honey if you like to taste) and drink – it’s a good tonic for digestion and again, it’s a nice warming hot drink.

NutriVital Enzyme Complex

NutriVital Enzyme Complex

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  • Digestive support for the breakdown of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, and milk
  • Delivers wide spectrum enzymes suitable for vegetarians
  • Supports overall health by optimizing breakdown and absorption of nutrients from food
  • Particularly helpful during convalescence

NutriVital Enzyme Complex is a plant-based, broad spectrum digestive enzyme formula, suitable for vegetarians and well tolerated by sensitive individuals.

Absorption and utilisation of nutrients from our food relies on the proper breakdown of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. Many people benefit from digestive support to enhance this breakdown, particularly during times of illness and recovery; or simply as we age, when the body’s

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