Chronic Infections

Chronic infections result from a weakened immune system. Most people don’t realize that the human body is constantly being “attacked” by threats: bacteria, viruses, parasites, and so on. When the immune system is strong, these threats are warded off. However, when the immune system is weak, the “gates are open” and these threats enter the body and lead to infection after infection.

Treating Chronic Infections

Conventional medicine typically treats chronic infection at the infection-level, or through antibiotics. This can temporarily increase the body’s ability to temporarily ward-off threats, but can also lead to a variety of side-effects, including problems resulting from the killing of healthy bacteria and problems related to antibiotic buildup. Antibiotics also neglect to target the root cause of why the immune system is weak in the first place.

At The Centre For Integrated Health, we aim to explore how specific environmental and emotional issues may “trigger” a weaker immune system;and what agents are promoting the infection

Our treatment approach typically includes strengthening the immune system through nutrition supplements, homeopathic remedies and herbs. In some cases, a topical application of colloidal silver may be quite helpful. We also screen for various food allergies and other issues that are likely to be undetected by conventional assessments.

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Chronic infection is an exhausting and quite dangerous illness, and it doesn’t need to control your life! Contact us to learn more about how our screening technology and natural treatment options can both improve your immune system and help you deal with symptoms at the same time.

There follows a list of products that clients have enjoyed success with. For personalised advice, please email or call 01730 233 414.

NutriVital Colloidal Silver Spray 50ml

NutriVital Colloidal Silver Spray 50ml

Package contents: 50ml

  • Powerful natural antimicrobial effective against bacteria, virus, and fungus growth
  • Known to kill over 650 pathogenic microbes
  • Non-toxic natural antibiotic, fights pathogens without destroying health giving enzymes
  • Useful against viral infections, unlike pharmaceutical antibiotics, which target only bacterial infections

NutriVital Colloidal Silver is a non-toxic natural substance consisting of sub-microscopic clusters of silver, held in a suspension of pure ionised water by a tiny electric charge placed on each particle.

Colloidal Silver is an effective wide spectrum antibiotic that disables the enzyme that viruses, fungi, and one-celled bacteria use to metabolise oxygen. Unlike pharmaceutical antibiotics, this leaves

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