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About us

We began business in 1995, opening a natural health clinic in Petersfield, Hampshire. Specialising in combining the naturopathic principles of health treatment with the latest natural and non-invasive healthcare technology, our aim was and remains to help people restore outstanding good health, naturally.

With this as our aim, we expanded: over the years we have provided training, products and support to hundreds of practitioners across the UK, Europe and beyond, helping them to secure outstanding good health for their clients, naturally. And now we run a practice in London too.

There is enormous potential for simple natural health approaches to improve the state of our health and eliminate the perceived need for drugs and surgery. Whether you are experiencing fatigue, pain, stress, or a major chronic condition, we know that we can treat health challenges by tackling them at their root using safe, natural and effective means.

Mark Conrad, Director of NutriVital

Mark Conrad, Director of NutriVital

I joined NutriVital Health in 2003 as a consultant, having studied economics, gained a Masters in Environmental Technology, and worked in the energy industry, in education and running a business providing consultancy on financial management and IT to small companies. I worked closely with Anne Smithells, the founder of NutriVital, until her retirement in 2006.

Having become fascinated by all aspects of health, I have been privileged to run this unique business for the last ten years, gaining a depth and breadth of understanding of natural health practices while overseeing our mixture of clinical practice, supplying and supporting practitioners and running courses and workshops.

In the course of serving the healthcare professional community, I have been able to test and use many of the most interesting new natural health technologies, and work very closely with therapists of different backgrounds to develop integrative approaches. This experience has served to strengthen my commitment to delivering the most effective and broad-based health approaches in our clinic, to our practitioner clients and to the wider public.

The vision of NutriVital is to empower people to obtain optimal health by providing knowledge and delivering the most effective methods of safe, natural health care.

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