Fatigue (ME)

Often called “lethargy” or “tiredness”, fatigue is the most common health complaint we hear from our patients. It’s obviously a significant and widespread problem!

Many people view fatigue as a health illness. But technically it isn’t. Rather, it’s a symptom of another health condition – one that may be quite serious. For example, fatigue characterised solely by a lack of energy may the result of a lack of sleep, boredom or depression. However, in most cases, we discover that fatigue is the result of poor dietary lifestyle and habits — especially in today’s environment, where highly refined processed foods, caffeinated energy drinks and stressful, over-busy lifestyles are typical.

Treating Fatigue

In most cases, conventional medicine has little to say about fatigue unless a diagnosis of a more serious underlying condition is made. Unfortunately, unless that diagnosis is made, people can “live with fatigue” for years and years, unaware that treatment and help are available.

At The Centre For Integrated Health, we understand clearly that people want more energy; they just don’t know how to get it! We generally begin our treatment by looking at both thyroid and liver function, as well as searching for nutritional deficiencies. We have discovered that lifestyle improvement can play a profound role in improving energy levels and addressing an underlying health issue that is causing the fatigue.

Case Study

Mrs. “M”, had always enjoyed high energy levels and good spirit. Aged 75, when her energy dropped dramatically, she had assumed that the years had caught up with her. Soon, the drop in energy and mood became accompanied by extreme temperature changes, headaches and shaking.

Again, Mrs. “M” resigned herself to these symptoms, believing them to be typical symptoms of aging. However, this wasn’t the case. Our screening identified the problems at the root of her symptoms: she had deficiencies in some key nutrients (which in turn was partly the result of the fact that she appeared to not be absorbing nutrients in the way that she should); and the levels of bacteria in her digestive system were low.

Our treatment for Mrs. “M” included an improved dietary plan to make sure she was getting adequate nutrients, some nutritional supplements to help get her digestive system working again and homeopathics to gently help her body restore a healthy digestive system and to ensure that her diet was providing all of the nutrients she required, so that her natural high energy levels would be restored.

Within a month, she reported that, to her amazement, all of the symptoms that she had labeled “old age” had been alleviated! Her energy had been restored, the shaking had disappeared, and the headaches were gone.

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Fatigue is a challenging symptom; because it “points to” underlying health issues that you are hard to spot without screening.

We invite you to call us to discuss your fatigue concerns, and explore with us the screening and treatment opportunities that are currently available to you. The earlier we can begin providing treatment, the more effective and lasting it can be!

There follows a list of products that clients have enjoyed success with. For personalised advice, please email or call 01730 233 414.

NutriVital B Complex

NutriVital B Complex

Package contents: 60 caps

  • Supports optimum release of energy from food
  • Supports the heart, muscles, and nervous system
  • Needed for fatty acid metabolism and fluid balance
  • Combatting modern stressful lifestyles and blood sugar balance
  • Healthy skin, hair, and nails

The B group vitamins work synergistically as co-factors for thousands of enzymatic reactions in the body. Best known for their crucial role in energy production and reactions of the Krebs cycle, B vitamins are also vital for the breakdown and metabolism of fats, blood sugar control, and fluid balance. They are especially effective at boosting energy during times of physical and/or emotional stressful experiences,

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