Asthma is a serious and often frightening condition that can lead to a the airways becoming obstructed. During an asthma attack, the muscles surrounding the small airways in the lungs, called bronchi, spasm and constrict. This blocks the outward passage of stale air. Asthmatics usually describe the sensation as ‘air starvation’. Typical asthma symptoms include: coughing, wheezing, tightness in the chest, and difficulty breathing.

Cases can often be linked to environmental sensitivities such as dust, bleach and pollution; food sensitivities such as to dairy products; emotional and stress patterns; or a fungus.

Treating Asthma

Asthma is “multi-causal” and the usual conventional medical treatment is by way of inhaled bronchodilators (relievers) and/or inhaled steroids (preventers) such as Becotide, Flixotide, Serevent. These treatments will typically only suppress symptoms, and they carry side-effects.

At The Centre For Integrated Health, we don’t view asthma as a static condition; but rather, one that must be understood in context (under what conditions do symptoms of the asthma emerge?). As a result of taking this approach, we often discover that the root cause of asthma is be environmental or food intolerance related. It may also be linked with fungus, eczema or emotional/mental or physical stress factors. Our treatment approach can often involve complex homeopathics, which specifically focus on supporting the organs. We also find that specific dietary improvements, supplementation, and breath re-training are effective parts of an overall care programme.

Case Study

Ms “D” had been severely asthmatic since childhood. Aged 17, with regular trips to casualty for nebulisation and constant anxiety, her condition had caused significant disruption to her education, her social life, and her health. She had been prescribed medications such as inhalers, steroid tablets, and antibiotics. Because of her condition and the damaging courses of treatment she was being prescribed, she also suffered from an average of seven colds and infections a year.

The first screening Ms “D” received at The Centre showed up several issues that were a result of both the treatment she was receiving; and her lifestyle. She has a high toxic load and was lacking in a number of vital nutrients. She was also dehydrated; and sensitive to a number of fairly “ordinary” foods – including chicken, lentils and soybeans – which she ate regularly.

Our pioneering scanning technology provided us with the information we needed to devise an effective treatment plan to deal with the roots of Ms “D”s symptoms. In this case, it included homeopathics, supplementation and dietary changes (avoiding trigger-foods while ensuring that all the necessary nutrients are present).

After just eight months, Ms “D” no longer required any steroids or antibiotics. She was able to stop using a steroid inhaler, and has not required a trip to the casualty nebuliser. In fact, she rarely even needs to use her ventolin! Because the root of the problem was addressed, Ms “D” is now enjoying better health than ever before, and a greater balance in her lifestyle.

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As with all chronic conditions, a consultation with an experienced practitioner is a very worthwhile investment. Contact us for an assessment of the factors that could be contributing to your asthma; many of which you may not even know!

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