Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

MS is a progressive degenerative disease of the central nervous system, including the brain, the optic nerve and spinal cord. MS affects various parts of the nervous system by destroying the myelin sheaths that cover nerves. This causes scar tissue called plaques, ultimately resulting in destruction of the nerves. This process is known as sclerosis.

Treating MS

Severe diseases like MS are often considered by conventional medicine to be untreatable. However, at The Centre For Integrated Health, we’ve used a combination of computerised bioenergetic screening, diet change, supplementation and an appropriate regime of detox and drainage, to help many patients experience significant progress.

In our experience, differences in metabolism often mean that people need to eat improved diets, and have extensive supplementation — sometimes requiring very high doses. MS patients are also one of the most likely groups to show food intolerances, and require heavy metal detoxification.

Case Study

When Mrs “S” first came to The Centre, she required two canes to walk. She had secondary progressive MS, with constant numbness and tingling in all limbs.

We ran a full screening, which identified that Mrs. “S” had heavy metal poisoning (from fillings), and her body was not absorbing nutrients. The pioneering technology informed our experienced practitioner of exactly what Mrs. “S” required, what treatments would be most effective, and what she should avoid. She was sent to have her fillings removed; and an holistic treatment course was prescribed.

Three months later, Mrs. “S”s was able to come in with no canes! On her 3rd visit, she had no more symptoms at all.
In an unbelievable twist, short while later, we received news that she had entered – and completed – the London Marathon!

Learn More

MS is a serious – and emotionally stressful – condition. We also know that conventional medicine may not have provided the treatment solutions that you have been expecting.

However, as the case study inspiringly shows, there are natural alternative treatment and remedy options to explore and potentially benefit from. Learning about your options is the next step to take. Contact us today for a confidential, compassionate discussion of your MS condition. We’ll carefully describe the potential treatment options open to you, and how our assessment, monitoring and treatment methods can help.

There follows a list of products that clients have enjoyed success with. For personalised advice, please email or call 01730 233 414.

NutriVital Daily Greens

NutriVital Daily Greens

Package contents: 120 caps

  • A blend of alkalising green foods and herbs
  • Spinach, sage, broccoli, and parsley leaf offer a great natural source of vitamins and minerals
  • Echinacea, garlic, lapacho tea and agnus castus support natural immune and hormonal health
  • Peppermint, aloe, vera, white willow, and barley grass offer antimicrobial, and anti-fungal support for the intestinal tract

NutriVital Daily Greens provides highly nutritional, alkaline-forming green foods and herbs, encapsulated for a convenient and effective way to help maintain alkaline factors in the diet.

Acidity in the body is strongly associated with joint mobility and digestive problems. When the pH of

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