12 Days Cleanse

Kick start your new health regime, cleansing detox diet for your body, helps weight loss. increases energy, feel less bloated & glow with confidence!

“ I would recommend "12 Days"…


3R Cleanse

“3R” 3 DAY CLEANSE - Following the success of “12 Days” Cleanse, we have created a condensed version called “3R” the 3 Day Cleanse.

It’s a 3 day system which…


Brilliant Biotic

Boost your immune & digestive system - advanced 16 strain, 30 billion friendly live bacteria probiotic supplement for a healthy guy & happy life!

Each BRILLIANT BIOTIC capsule contains a…


Buddhi Bath

Detoxifying Himalayan Crystal Salt Bath.

Indulge yourself in this intensely magical experience.

The unique blend of penetrating Himalayan salt, and detoxifying essential oils including – Frankincense, Cypress, Lavender, Lemon, Vetiver…


Gorgeous Greens

Strengthens immune system, boosts energy levels, improves bowel regularity, detoxifies, glowing skin.

Gorgeous Greens is a unique blend of chlorophyll rich daily organic greens, containing organic spirulina, chlorella, and brown…


Hello Aloe

Pure Aloe Vera Juice Concentrate. Anti-oxidant, anti-ageing, good for the gut & can be used as a moisturiser.

Inner leaf Aloe Vera gel is one of the most pure inner…


Magical Multi

Daily multi vitamin supplement - good for stress & supplementing a balanced diet.

In theory we should be getting the essential vitamins and minerals we need from a healthy diet.…