Weight Problems and Obesity

A growing number of people are struggling with weight issues. Even people who may consider themselves to be “not overweight” may, in fact, be unable to achieve their healthy, optimal or ideal weight.. Others may be struggling with obesity, and reeling from the stress and emotional upheaval of “fad diets” that are ineffective (especially in the long-term) and potentially harmful.

Treating Weight Problems

At The Centre For Integrated Health, our scanning technology often detects that the “root cause” of weight problems is located in the thyroid, or related to food intolerances, or due to poor nutrition or malabsorption, or due to the presence of parasites or fungi (such as Candida).

Whether a client is over weight, under weight – or just struggling with maintaining an healthy weight – our treatment approach targets these root causes, and our individualised health programme makes dealing with the root causes simple and effective. We also prescribe herbals, homeopathic remedies and supplements to help restore nutritional balance, which in turn, can lead to wonderful overall weight control results.

Case Study

In the course of his job, Mr. “S” spent a lot of time entertaining clients. This, in conjunction with other factors, had resulted in the deterioration of his health: he was overweight, suffering from breathing difficulties, and wanted to give up smoking. So he visited The Centre For Integrated Health.

Following his initial consultation, Mr “S” healthily lost 6kg in the first week – and kept it off! By following our treatment programme, Mr. “S” continued healthily losing weight. Naturally, his mood and confidence improved as well – to the point where he gave up smoking! Here’s what Mr. “S” had to say about his experience:

“I’d grown so accustomed to waking at three in the morning, weight problems, neck stiffness and feeling bloated that I took it for normal. When I first visited the Clinic I was skeptical, to say the least, but prepared to follow up on a recommendation. The results of that visit were astonishing. I began sleeping through the night almost immediately, lost 3 stone in weight and have since been a totally different person. Most importantly, I discovered that I was allergic to certain foods and am now able to manage my diet easily. I have no hesitation in strongly recommending the skills, methods and treatments offered by the Clinic.”

Learn More

Weight problems are often not specifically related to food, diet and exercise. It is often rooted deeper, in issues related to the thyroid or to parasites. We invite you to contact us and learn how our scanning and treatment options can significantly help you lose weight safely and securely.

There follows a list of products that clients have enjoyed success with. For personalised advice, please email or call 01730 233 414.

NutriVital Chromium Complex

NutriVital Chromium Complex

Package contents: 60 caps

  • Helps with blood sugar control
  • Maintains healthy levels of the good fats in your blood - supporting cardiovascular health
  • Good for metabolism of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins
  • Beneficial for weight control

Formulated to support blood sugar balance and energy production, Chromium Complex contains a good high amount of chromium, with a blend of synergistic nutrients, B vitamins, vitamin E, and trace minerals. Chromium is essential for the proper utilisation of carbohydrates and glucose.

Chromium facilitates the action of insulin by increasing the cell sensitivity to insulin and allowing the uptake of glucose by the cell. Without

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