Parasites: The Root Of Illness?

It has been estimated that 85%-95% of the world’s population has parasites. While over 1000 species of parasites can live in the human body, conventional medicine can only test for 40-50 types. This means that conventional medicine can only hope to test for 5% of parasites, and the accuracy rate is reported to be 20%. This works out as 1% detection.

Yet the presence of parasites in the body can have severe implications for the health of your clients. Weight gain, excessive hunger, weight loss, bad taste in the mouth, bad breath, asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, acne, migraines – and even the biggest killers: heart disease and cancer – have all been linked with parasites.

Clinical medicines carry side effects and can kill only one or two parasites each. While taking 10 such medicines to rid a body of a dozen parasites spells good news for the drug manufacturers, it spells bad news for your client’s health and well-being.

NutriVital Health takes parasites extremely seriously and the need for an effective natural treatment, highlighted in our clinics, lead to the development of a truly unique and groundbreaking powerful herbal medicine: Paragon.

Paragon is a clinic-potency anti-parasitic tonic containing nine different herbs, including black walnut, cloves and wormwood. The unique combination of herbs contained within Paragon can eliminate over 100 types of parasite and their eggs in one course of treatment, without so much as a headache; without nausea; and without any interference with other drugs or remedies.

If you wish to bring your clients the best in natural healthcare, lay the foundations for holistic good health by beginning with a powerful and natural parasite cleanse – treat them with a course of Paragon.

Call NutriVital Health now on 01730 233 414 to find out how you can bring the power of Paragon to your treatment plans.

NutriVital Paragon

NutriVital Paragon

Package contents: 100ml

  • A powerful and unique blend of herbs designed to cleanse the gut where parasitic infections is suspected or as a precautionary measure

Please note: our herbal blends are extracted in a mix of alcohol and water
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