Thyroid Disorders

The thyroid gland,located in the neck, produces hormones that are essential for many body functions, such as body temperature maintenance and the production of energy within the body cells. But hypothyroidism – low thyroid activity – affects over 40 percent of the population; particularly women in their middle years. Up to 64 symptoms have been associated with Hypothyroidism.

The most obvious symptom is a decreased metabolic rate which can result in decreased mental and physical function, decreased basal temperature (feeling cold), dry skin (including irritation) and thinning hair, constipation, weight gain, insomnia, insulin resistance (low tolerance to carbohydrates), and hypoglycemia. More severe cases can lead to infertility, slurred speech, poor heart and kidney function, weakened immune system, anemia, depression and low IQ.

Hypothyroidism is often triggered by shock, such as: after an accident (often compounded by whiplash and misalignment of the lower cervical vertebrae), after a high-temperature illness, glandular fever and ME, exhausted adrenals (from work stress, trauma or even pregnancy), and toxicity.

Treating Thyroid Disorders

At The Centre For Integrated Health, we’ve discovered that nearly all of our ME and post-viral syndrome patients have low thyroid function.

We use bioenergetic testing to create an individualised treatment programme, and to assess exactly which approach will “fit” with a particular patient’s needs and tolerances. We also use the Barnes test for basal temperature, which help identify the presence of hyperthyroidism. Surprisingly, fluoride can cause reduced thyroxin uptake. Mercury and chemicals can also be a problem.

Once we have assessed the health status of an individual, we can create an effective and efficient holistic treatment plan.
In particular, Iris herbal complex is delivering very useful results, as are homeopathic treatments (as an alternative to long-term drug treatment).

Case Study

Until nine years ago, a patient held a full-time job and had been very active. Then she developed hyperthyroidism, and everything changed – for the worse.

For the nine years since, she has experienced tiredness, weight gain, and what she described as “brain fog”. These problems had caused her to became reliant on coffee and alcohol, but of course, these were not a long-term solution and ended up affecting her health in other ways.
Her doctor had her on prescription Thyroxin for 6 years. She was unable to work, exercise; or even walk her dog. She felt helpless.

Fortunately, we were able to help. Using our pioneering non-invasive health screening, we identified problems and checked her compatibility with potential remedies. Then our experienced practitioner developed a homeopathic programme.

Within 6 months she reported that she was feeling “brighter”; that she had been sleeping better and her energy levels had increased. She had also started to safely lose weight (she ended up losing a remarkable 161 lbs!). However, her “brain fog” still lingered. To address this, we prescribed a herbal remedy.

Three months later, her condition had improved to the point where she was able to come off of Thyroxin. She commented that her “brain fog” had decreased significantly; and her friends and family had commented that she was a different person!

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Bioenergetic testing offers a very viable method of identifying and treating thyroid imbalances, especially hypothyroidism. Using this health screening instrument a comprehensive health picture is formed and specific remedies can be identified for each individual.

The Centre For Integrated Health has worked with many hundreds of thyroid sufferers and achieves a very high success rate.

Contact us today to learn more, and to see how our screening and treatment methods can help you become a “different person”!

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